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Game Time Training Youth: Elite Athlete Program. This sports performance training program is designed to create dominant athletes in all sports. We implement a training and tracking system that guarantees improvement in athletes speed, agility, coordination, balance, and strength. If your athlete isn't coming home with awards you should be coming to us. 

The Workout

There are 7 training blocks in each Game Time Training Session. Athletes get points to win the day.


SPEED IS KING and that's why we start the week with a focus on developing pure top speed while the body is fresh and ready to work. We make sure athletes understand and apply the proper mechanics to develop blazing speed.

"With great speed comes great responsibility"... Or something like that lol.

But seriously speed is only good if you can control it. To speed up, slow down, and change direction quickly in sport is paramount to superior performance, which is why we break every motion down to a science and teach athletes how to control their speed. 

If you want speed you have to be powerful. Sprinting is almost like repetitive jumping/power output. So on this day we teach athletes how to use their full base of power to apply it in all aspects of their movement. This is where the seconds that change a game are shaved off.

The faster an athlete can get to their top speed the faster they can make plays. On this day we bring all the phases together to teach athletes to fire out like a bullet from a gun and get everywhere faster than their opponent.

Let's be honest, games are won and lost in the 4th quarter. No one wants to start off fresh and make plays only to dwindle out and be slow at the end of the game. So we focus on developing speed endurance so athletes perform as good at the end of the game as they did at the beginning.


Band Progression

Our athletes keep their motivation  by working to achieve a band progression. There are 4 levels to achieve: White, Grey, Blue, and Black. In order to level up athletes must complete a certain amount of sessions between each band.

Training Equipment

You can't build a house if you only have a hammer. Having the right tools for the job is paramount, which is why we've invested in the top of line equipment to get your athletes effective results faster by having access to what's needed for the job.

Fun Experience

With youth athletes they don't always care about how great the training is, they just want to have fun. Which is why think of what we do as "hiding medicine in a hotdog." We give athletes what they want while supplying what they need.



We want our athletes to standout when they compete and nothing quite does that like lighting fast speed. So if your athlete doesn't like to fly then please don't apply.


Speed is a marriage of two things. Technique and strength. That's why we spend ample time developing full body strength for each of our athletes. 


If an athlete wants to be an all star and a champion then they have to be stronger for longer. Those who can endure with endurance excel in sports and life.


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