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Are You Game?

What's Game Time Training?


Game Time Training is a one of a kind marriage of sports training and group fitness with an experiential twist. You'll feel like a bad a** while you build muscle, burn fat, and train like your favorite athletes.


The Workout

There are 7 training blocks in each Game Time Training Session. Every qtr you earn points to win the day.


The main muscle groups of your upper body are combined to start off your week!  Chest and arms are complimentary muscle groups and when trained together they create a muscle pump and fat burning experience that build an athletic upper body.  Game Time Training ensures that each portion of both the chest and arms will be targeted proportionally and perfectly. Integrating strength and conditioning techniques from true sports performance training, this workout will make you look forward to Monday's.

Let's be honest everyone wants a little more muscular junk in the trunk and for athletes it's the powerhouse for explosive movement. When it comes to the glutes for you the focus is to strengthen your "assets" through proper range of motion and strength training. With such a large muscle group you can burn tons of calories. The more you work on your glutes the better your chances to create the ideal athletic body. We also focus on building your shoulder boudler's so you can create the lean and strong upper body shape that you desire.

Some of the most underutilized yet incredibly important muscle groups are the back and biceps which is why we paired them up and dedicated an entire day to them. Too many people age with rounded shoulders and bad backs because they don't focus on building up the pulling muscles. No more bad back and puny biceps for you my friend.

Leg day never felt so good . At least that's how athletes feel about it. Which is why we bring your lower body into full focus on Thursdays. You're going to build your quads, hammy's, calves, and your core on this day to develop a powerfully functional and powerfully attractive lower half of your body. "Leg" us know how you feel at the end of this workout ;-) 

Finish up your week by finishing off your muscles with a full body strength training session. We use compound exercises to hit almost every muscles group in case you missed one of the areas during the week. Nothing like walking out on a Friday knowing you kicked your own butt so you can enjoy your weekend.

"Ooooooooohhhhh.... We've got an animal on our hands folks." Either you're a glutton for punishment or you love yourself enough to push through the pain to achieve the best YOU possible. Either way we invite you to take advantage of this fast paced and light weight full body conditioning day where we keep your body moving, your heart rate up, and your sweat dripping. COME GET THIS WORK!

What's a sport season without playoffs right????

Every 3 months we give you the opportunity to put your training to the test in our Game Time Training Championship Playoffs.

One Day. One Champion. One FUN Experience.

We separate the men and women and have everyone complete one Game Time workout for the highest score. The top 8 of each gender move onto the playoffs and get ordered in their bracket based on their score. 

  • Round 1 | 1st & 2nd qtr. 
  • Round 2 | 3rd & 4th qtr.
  • Championship | Full Game Day

One Woman and Man left standing.

The Facility

Free Weights

Whether you're new to them or fluent in "weightology" you know that free weights are the key to the strongest, healthiest, and sexiest you. That's why we only use our DB's, KB's, BB's, and sports specific tools to train you.

Training Space

We get you off the machines and get you on the field. Literally. We utilize our open space of turf, rubber, and the concrete jungle to get you back to properly using the most important tool you have. Your body.

Epic Experience

No one wants to have a boring workout and that's why we created a space that delivers an epic experience every time. From the music, to the lights to you trainer on the mic it's like every day is game day.

Reach Any Goal

Muscle Building

Our game day sessions are fast paced, high reps, and moderate weight which is perfect for building lean muscle fast.

Fat Burning

Burning calories = burning fat. Our sessions burn hundreds of calories in session and hundreds more in between sessions.

Body Toning

Our goal is to get you the tight, toned, athletic body you want. When you focus on strength and movement like we do it's possible.


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